Important Elements of Business Communication

With experience as the chief operating officer for Matrix Video Corporation, RCA Computer Corporation, and other businesses, Elchanan Grabarsky has significant experience in sales, negotiation, and coordination over the past two decades. As a result of his executive management responsibilities, Elchanan Grabarsky has expertise in areas like planning, problem solving, and communication.

In business, communication can mean the difference between success or failure. Successful communication can be achieved by considering a few important elements.

Simplify. Unless your audience requires it, avoid technical terms whenever possible. Simplifying the language ensures the communication is not muddied by unnecessary information and allows your audience to understand the message the first time they encounter it. Similarly, avoiding generalities and focusing on specifics also makes the message clearer.

Be brief in inter-company communications. Like the importance of keeping the communication’s language clear and simple, don’t overload an email or a memo with too many topics. Instead, break it up into multiple emails or memos, which makes it easier for people to understand without getting overwhelmed by long, disconnected blocks of text.

Take responsibility. When dealing with frustration or a potentially volatile issue, understand the effects you have or could have on others. Take responsibility for your role in the issue, explain the rationale behind the decision, and offer a timeline for its resolution.